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Beit alBaraka

You can own or build your dream home at competitive terms.

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Tas'helaat alBaraka

With " Tas'helaat ALBaraka" you have the opportunity to finance all your personal expenses such as marriage, traveling, buying new furniture or renovating your home.

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alBaraka Mihnati

"AlBaraka Mihnati “is the first Islamic program of its kind directed toward Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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alBaraka Zafaf

AlBaraka Zafaf is a financing program that targets couples wishing to live their wedding dream.

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Trading / Ittijar

Trading / Ittijar includes: Murabaha Sale, Salam Sale and Istisna’ Sale

Leasing / Ijara

Lease is the employment of money in operations other than sale and purchase. This mode of financing aims at sale of the benefit of an asset not the asset itself. BBL offers two modes of Lease (Ijara):


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Cash Back

AlBaraka Bank offers CashBack on Credit and Charge cards usage, for every $10 you will get 1 point and they are systematically redeemed on a monthly basis.

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Safe Box

Albaraka bank offers you a secure safe boxes that provide you the ability to store your valuable items and documents.

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Online Banking

AlBaraka Online Banking Provides you the ability to access your account anytime from anywhere

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Domiciliation & Bill Payments

Albaraka bank can save you the hassle of dealing with cash and paperwork through its bill domiciliation service.

Latest News

07 December 2021

Real estate repossessed to meet unsold debt


Parcel Number Area Type Surface in sqm
1962/4 Kobbe/Aleih Warehouse 164
2134/4 Chanieh Apartment 126 + 10
2134/6 Chanieh Apartment 148 + 10
79 Beit El Houch/Akar Land 1231
80 Beit El Houch/Akar Land 1235
81 Beit El Houch/Akar Land 1220
877/10 Chemlen Apartment 205
5087/17 Al Mazraa Apartment 140
544 Dahr El Mghara Land 1209
545 Dahr El Mghara Land 1227
546 Dahr El Mghara Land 1227
547 Dahr El Mghara Land 1663
548 Dahr El Mghara Land 1201
549 Dahr El Mghara Land 1207
550 Dahr El Mghara Land 1207
551 Dahr El Mghara Land 1207
552 Dahr El Mghara Land 1207
553 Dahr El Mghara Land 1207
554 Dahr El Mghara Land 1359
572 Dahr El Mghara Land 1227
530 Dahr El Mghara Land 2860
558 Dahr El Mghara Land 1905
534 Dahr El Mghara Land 1962


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Islamic Banking

Islamic bank is an institution that mobilize financial resources and invest that money in an attempt to achieve pre-determined islamically - acceptable social and financial objectives. Both mobilization and investment of money should be conducted in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shari'a

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