Retail Financing

Choosing The Right Finance For You

With AlBaraka Financing options, We offer you excellent profit rates, convenient enrolment, and Shari’a-compliant products that provide the perfect solution for everyone, whether you’re employed or self-employed. Finance your future with AlBaraka Finances to achieve your goals quick and easy.
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Beit alBaraka

You can own or build your dream home at competitive terms.

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Tas'helaat alBaraka

With " Tas'helaat ALBaraka" you have the opportunity to finance all your personal expenses such as marriage, traveling, buying new furniture or renovating your home.

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Taaleem alBaraka

Taaleem AlBaraka helps you pay school and university tuition fees.

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Siyarat alBaraka

Siyarat AlBaraka enables you to buy your dream car at competitive terms.

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alBaraka Extra

Live your dreams ... with AlBaraka Extra card

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alBaraka Mihnati

"AlBaraka Mihnati “is the first Islamic program of its kind directed toward Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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alBaraka Green

AlBaraka Green is a financing product that enables the client to buy green energy products and solar energy heating systems.

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alBaraka Dental

AlBaraka Dental allows the Dentists to finance their purchase of Equipment through Ijara or Clinics through Mourabaha.

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alBaraka Siyaha

"AlBaraka Siyaha" is a special financing program offering convenient travel facility for people seeking to finance their honeymoon trips, spending their vacation locally and abroad.

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alBaraka Zafaf

AlBaraka Zafaf is a financing program that targets couples wishing to live their wedding dream.

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alBaraka Retail

alBaraka Retail provides you the ability to Finance and purchase of the latest laptop, tablet, Smartphone, Furniture and Electronic Appliances by leading brands.

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alBaraka Hajj & Omra

AlBaraka Hajj & Omra provides you with the ability to finance your Hajj and Omra trip

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