Zakat service from alBaraka Bank

A  service that allows all debit card holders (not necessarily Al Baraka bank clients) to pay their Zakat through Al Baraka Bank ATM’S. Moreover they can calculate their Zakat accurately and pay their obligations on the bank teller’s desk.

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Cash Back

AlBaraka Bank offers CashBack on Credit and Charge cards usage, for every $10 you will get 1 point and they are systematically redeemed on a monthly basis.

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Safe Box

Albaraka bank offers you a secure safe boxes that provide you the ability to store your valuable items and documents.

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Online Banking

AlBaraka Online Banking Provides you the ability to access your account anytime from anywhere

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Domiciliation & Bill Payments

Albaraka bank can save you the hassle of dealing with cash and paperwork through its bill domiciliation service.

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