Business Banking Products

As a leading bank in the area of Islamic Banking, AlBaraka Bank has extensive experience in the field of Corporate Banking whereby the bank is committed to providing Shari’a-compliant banking facilities and services for small, medium and large enterprises and assist the corporates by providing them with catered solutions to meet their financial requirements and operations.
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Trading / Ittijar

Trading / Ittijar includes: Murabaha Sale, Salam Sale and Istisna’ Sale

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Leasing / Ijara

Lease is the employment of money in operations other than sale and purchase. This mode of financing aims at sale of the benefit of an asset not the asset itself. BBL offers two modes of Lease (Ijara):

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Partnership / Musharakah

Partnership operations means two or more parties draw a contract to work together by the capital they contribute in condition of dividing the accruing profit between them. BBL offers/applies two modes of partnership:

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Profit Sharing / Mudarabah

Profit sharing is a contract between two parties whereby one party provides capital to the other party who undertakes the management in exchange of a share in the output.

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