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To serve you better, we welcome any remarks, suggestions or claims regarding our banking products or services taking the following into consideration.

This form will be directly transferred to the specialized “Customer Protection” Unit at the Bank’s Head Office without access to its contents by management or staff of the concerned branch to ensure confidentiality.

“Customer Protection” Unit will inform you, through means of contact specified by yourself, of receiving the Inquiry/Complaint within three working days from the date of its submission and of Bank’s official response within a month from submitting the claim.

You can submit your claim via the following means:

  • In person, by visiting “Customer Protection” Unit at the Bank Head Office
  • Website:
  • P.O. Box: 113 5683 Beirut (Customer Protection Unit)
  • Complaints boxes available at our branches
  • Email:
  • By phone: +961 1 748061-2-4 Ext 125

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