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Ju-ala Literally :
stipulated price for performing any service. Technically applied in the model of Islamic banking by some. Bank charges and commission have been interpreted to be ju'ala by the jurists and thus considered lawful.
Some Islamic Banks give loans with service charge. The Council of the Islamic Fiqh Academy established by the Organization of Islamic Conference in its third session held in Amman, Jordan from 8 to 13 Safar 1407 H (11-16 October 1986), in response to a query from the Islamic Development Bank has resolved that it is permitted to charge a fee for loan related service offered by an Islamic Bank. However, this fee should be within actual expenditures and any fee in excess to actual service related expenses is forbidden because it is considered usurious.
The service charge may be calculated accurately only after a certain period when all administrative expenditure has already been incurred e.g. at the end of the year. Hence, it is permissible to levy an approximate charge on the client, then, reimburse or claim the difference at the end of the accounting period when actual expenses on administration become precisely known.


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