AlBaraka Bank s.a.l, is a member of the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) holding number 109 on the List of Lebanon Banks since its inception in 1992.
AlBaraka Bank s.a.l was the first developing bank in Lebanon that operated in compliance with Islamic Shariah under the Fiduciary Contracts Law (no. 520) dated June 6 1996. The Bank became a full-fledged Islamic Bank immediately following the issuance of the Islamic Banking Law (no. 575) in 2004.

AlBaraka Bank s.a.l, by the support of highly qualified and experienced staff, seeks always to provide its customers with appropriate financial solutions that comply with Islamic Shariah and focuses on managing and enhancing their wealth.
In addition, AlBaraka Bank s.a.l offers a wide range of products and services that meet almost every financial and banking need of its customers.
AlBaraka Bank s.a.l is a member of AlBaraka Banking Group (ABG), an Islamic group of banks with a wide geographical presence, in the form of subsidiary units and representative offices. ABG is considered now the largest Islamic Banking Group in the region.

AlBaraka Bank s.a.l (Lebanon) has successfully registered as a member of AEG with the US-IRS, Our Lead is AlBaraka Banking Group-Bahrain, our GIIN is 86IIBW.00005.ME.422. We are fully compliant with FATCA regulations, local authority and our Lead requirements. Please contact our Compliance Officer at AlBaraka Bank s.a.l.(Lebanon) for any further queries related to FATCA.

News & Events

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